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CORPORATE YOGI - - Exclusively for Corporate Profesionals

CONSCIPRENEUR - - Exclusively for Entrepreneurs

COMMANDO YOGI - - Exclusively for Youth

JUNIOR YOGI - - Exclusively for Kids age 3 to 14 Years

Meditative Yoga

For PHYSICAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL BALANCE... Being a Yoga research team we have been involved in teaching Yoga to individuals / groups / medical students, national and international. Prime focus is to conduct customized Yoga training to corporates, children, youth, women, senior citizens and chronic patients.


BLOSSOM OF YOGA & MEDITATION FOR THE REALM OF LIFE... organization is been consistently working to perform its humane duties selflessly and social bonding through various effective mediums; raising human consciousness, compassion & Intellect at it's higher...


THE WAY OF LIFE...Organization has a positive approach to raise this “Yoga” concept all across the globe through the way of scientific divinity by conducting yoga classes, camps, Workshops, Seminars, Discourses and above of that developing “Yoga Meditation Teachers”.


Serving all IT Parks and Corporate Companies in Pune - Specially Cyber City, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune | Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Hinjewadi, Pune |, | +91 7040038881 (Corporate Yoga Services in Pune, Maharashtra, India.)

Corporate Yoga Meditation Workshops -

Sessions, Teacher Training, Camps, Seminars, Discourses, Courses, Classes

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Meditative Actions

Ath: Yogaanushaasanam!

Yog: Karmasu Kaushalam!

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