Corporate Yoga Workshops

Office Yoga Services in magarpatta City, Rajiv Gandhi IT park, EON IT Park Kharadi and all across Pune

Desk Yoga at Workplace

for physical, physiological & Psychological health

Yoga Secrets for Youth

to succeed in education, career & life

Spiritual Yog Saadhanaa

to attain the ultimate concern of life

Meditative Yoga for Senior Citizens

an inward journey with overall wellness

Meditative Yoga for Women

a healthy & joyful life

Joyest Yoga for Kids

to inculcate the greatness of life

Meditative Yoga Therapy for Chronic Cases

holistic healing to cure

Corporate Yoga Services in Pune

Office Yoga, Chair Yoga, Desk Yoga, Workplace Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Corporate Meditation

Meditative Yoga Actions...

Karma Yog through Raj (Kriya) Yog, Dnyan Yog & Bhakti Yog